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    Join HD MTS (AVCHD) files?


      Hey All:



      Got a new Canon Vixia HTM31 camcorder recently, and noticed that the files it records are about 2 gigs in file size each.  Problem is when importing into PE 10 - There is an audio gap in the playback if you put them in the timeline sequentially.


      Is there something I should be doing to avoid that?



      Really makes the video horrible if there is an audible gap in the middle of it.  Video seems fine.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Did you Copy the full SD card's folder structure to your HDD? There are some files in there, that are necessary for "spanning" the MTS files.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            It could be that your SD card is formatted  as 'FAT' - that imposes a file size maximum. Instead try formatting it as NTFS and see if that prevents the splitting.





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              LevelbestJY Level 1

              The camara initializes the cards as fat32.  NTFS is not possible.  Formatting NTFS leads the camera to not recognize the card and demand for it to be initialized.


              @Bill - copied the folder over but when you go to import AVCHD video - it sees them as seperate files, not joined.


              How to properly import into Premiere Elements so it sees them as one file???

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                nealeh Level 5

                If the camera can be seen by the PRE media importer use that instead of just copying the folder contents. Also install the software included with the camera - if you can load the clips into that you may find you can then export them to a more PRE friendly format.





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                  LevelbestJY Level 1

                  Unforutnately, that ruins the convenience of actually having something on a memory card instead of going thru the watching it while importing it old school method.  While I'm quite sure I can probably do that, it's wasting time that I'd rather not.


                  BTW, I did install the image viewer and no dice.


                  Still looking for the proper way to import AVCHD files that reassembles the pieces.  Premiere sees the pieces.  There has to be a way to do this.  It's a pretty common format with many camcorders now.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    When you copy the entire camera folder containing the AVCHD files to your hard drive, and then import the individual files to your timeline... one at a time, lined up in a row... the process is SUPPOSED to create the same seamless link between the files as if you played them back on your camera screen


                    The "metadata" contained in the folder is supposed to tell PE how to accomplish the seamless linkage


                    I don't know why that is not working for you

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                      LevelbestJY Level 1

                      The video is seamless.  The audio has a quick blip between clips.  Wondering if when I export if that will go away.


                      I am using the AVCHD import utility in premiere elements 10 (it tells you to use that if you try to use the folder option anyway) - select all the files, import them all at once, then drag in order to the timeline.



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                        VDOSurfer Level 3

                        Try exporting a small portion to see if this exists in the output as well. Hope it doesn't and is a minor issue. You can also try to reinstall your audio driver specifically.

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                          Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm having the same issue in Premiere Elements 11

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                            hilgmvp Level 1

                            I simply put the camera's (Sony NX5U) SD card in my computer and then go to Add Media > Videos from Flip or Cameras. After that I select the clips that I need. I would expect PE to show me one 3 hour clip, however it shows me 8 or so clips, each at 3 hours. It seems it doesn't realize that they should all be combined into one clip. Putting those 8 clips end to end results in audio dropouts in between each clip.

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                              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                              I have two different Sony cameras.  I don't shoot long clips very often so it has been awhile since I tried it, but I recall the Sony software that came with my cameras will knit the pieces to together.  There are a couple other things it will do that I like too.  So, I use the Sony software as a transfer utility that puts my video clips into a date organized folder structure.  Then I use PrE Add Media > Files and Folders. 



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                                hilgmvp Level 1

                                Thanks, that worked.

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                                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                                  hilgmvp wrote:


                                  Thanks, that worked.



                                  The Sony software does some stuff I really like.  One is that you can do basic lossless edititing.  Since it intends to be lossless the the transcoding or rendering that incorporates addjustments, transitions and effects are missing.  But, for simple and quick trims, splits and joins it is effective and quick.  It also lets you put a completed file back on your camera should you want to use the camera as a media player over an HDMI connection to a HD TV.  There are cords available for any TV.  If it happens to be a Sony brand TV, the TV remote with control the camera's playback!  You can do slide shows that way too.