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    I've pressed the wrong button and now have no project!


      I was working on a project and went to save it and must have clicked 'close' I'm guessing because the project didn't close but the timeline is gone and so is the thing that shows me my video.


      Now I just can't get my video and timeline back. Where did it go?


      If I go into the windows tab and bring back a timeline and program window they are just empty.


      Everything just says 'no sequences' even though I can still see my 'Sequence 01' in the project window but I can't drag this sequence into the workspace, the little hand has a circle with a line through it when I try.


      So to clarify I can see my sequence in "Project" but not in "Timeline" or "Program" - Both of which say 'no sequence' with no option for me to add my Sequence 01. It would appear that the only thing I can do with it is open it in a "Source Monitor" which is obviously of no help at all because I can't see my edits or anything!


      Thanks so much for reading I'm sure it's the kind of thing that a pro will be laughing at but I just can't seem to figure it out!