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    Transform tool- problems with printing


      Can anyone please advise?  Been using CS3 for a few years.  Recently used the free transform tool to import several images into a blank template, resize them and then print as one page.  The overall image is sized to fit the print request and looks great inscreen at 100%.  However when I send to lab for printing it is very poor quality.  I have really no idea why this is and I'm hoping someone here can point out my mistake.  I'm guessing it's something really obvious....I just can't figure what.  Very frustrating.  Ideas? Thanks in advance

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          Zeno Bokor Level 6

          I doubt that you used the Free Transform command (it's not a tool) to import images . Could you post a screenshot of the Image->Image Size dialog box of the document that you sent for printing? also, what sized printouts did you get back?

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            feelgood101 Level 1

            I will try to do that.  I'm new to this forum so bear with me.  Desperate for an answer.  Prints were 12x8.  They were just very fuzzy and the lab labelled them low res although I know they were high res originals so I'm a bit confused.

            OKay, actually I don't know how to make a screenshot - d'oh!  Can you maybe help with this too??  Sorry, brain has obviously disengaged!

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              I've seen cases where he repositioning / resampling algorithms in the Transform tool didn't create nice clean results, though I failed miserably in several attempts just now to reproduce this.  Are you're seeing jaggies, for example, where things should be smooth?  At the time I saw it before I just decided to work at a higher resolution, thinking that's just the way it is, and made a mental note to experiment with Transforms again some time (which you just reminded me to do).  Now everything looks nice.  Go figure.


              Looking forward to seeing your images.


              There's a PrtScrn key on the keyboard that can be used to capture the screen into the clipboard on a Windows system, then you can paste it into a document and save an image file.  I just use a freeware tool called IrfanView myself, which offers a little more sophistication.



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                Bo LeBeau Level 4

                Maybe the template that you used for the print is low resolution.


                Even though your originals may have been high res, whenever you place, copy & paste, or drag images from the original to the template,

                they take on the resolution of the destination image.


                So if the template had only 72 ppi resolution, dragging high res photos into it would cause them to become 72 ppi resolution.

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                  feelgood101 Level 1

                  Hi Bo.  Sorry for the delay.  Looks like yours may be the snwer!  Had no idea this was the case but it checks out.  Have just sent revised sample image to printer.  Will find out tomorrow if this is good!!  Unfortunately all my previous work was in vain as I seem unable to 'boost the ppi resolution once it's been created ( Never mind, at least I'm getting somewhere and learning along the way! Thanks again. H

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

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