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    Animated title help!


      Hi, i am pretty much new to premiere elements.  I have premiere elements that came with my computer and i am making a video with some of my friends.  The thing i want is to have a title that appears to be on the front of a door and then moves with the door when the door is opened and then closed again.  I thought maybe i could just do keyframes and squeeze the title to one side as the door closed to make this illusion happen but i have no clue what to do.  Any information is helpful information

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          I believe that you will want to apply the Basic 3D Effect, and then Keyframe it to match. It will take some hand-work, but should fairly easy to match things up pretty closely.


          If that does not get you what you want, then Corner Pin should also work.


          If you have not used those Effects before, just take your time, and do not be afraid to experiment.


          I would do a Save_As, before you start, and as things progress, do more Save_As, so that you can easily go back, should things get sideways.


          Good luck,



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