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    Increasing Ram for using Dynamic Link


      Hi there,


      I'm beginning to cut a project in Premiere Pro CS5.5 and I plan on Color Correcting in After Effects. I'm running on an iMac with 4gb of Ram. I have 2.5gb of ram allocated to my Adobe programs. When I'm solely running Premiere it reads my h.264 footage perfectly in realtime. However, when I have After Effects open at the same time both programs lag. I would like to use the dynamic link between programs and have them running simultaneously. I cannot seem to allocate more than the 2.5gb for these programs, so when both are running I assume they are each only running on 1.25gb.


      If I were to purchase more ram for my computer, would I be able to increase the amount of ram designated for my adobe software from 2.5gb to perhaps 5gb? Is there any other way to solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance!