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    Font embedding works in 1.8 preview, not in 1.7.2

    nevnorris Community Member



      I'm currently creating epubs and testing them in ADE. I am embedding Google Webfonts.


      I'm finding that many fonts embedding using @font-face are ignored by ADE 1.7.2. However, ADE 1.8 preview appears to show them as intended. Incidentally, the fonts are always shown correctly on ibooks.


      Could you please let me know what is wrong - is it a bug with ADE 1.7.2, or would there be a reason why it would not 'like' my Webfont TTFs? I've found at least one other user having a similar problem, apparently: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1725479&postcount=7


        @font-face {

        font-family : 'FanwoodItalic';

                                              src: url(fonts/Fanwood/Fanwood-Italic-webfont.ttf);

        font-style: normal;



                          h2 {

        font-family: 'FanwoodItalic';



      Thanks for your help.