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    i need a specific script and don't know how to write it

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      I'm running InD CS 5.5 with OS  X 10.6.8


      I use the .indb for 13-18 documents to create a textbook for print. I use a standard 8.5 x 11 page. This textbook has a main body (32 pica width) with numbered questions in a 10 pica space outside of the margins (with a 1 pica gutter between) - each question in a text box that is anchored to the paragraph the question is about. I also have lots of graphic elements (photos, graphs) that i put in that outside space that encroaches into the main body and has a text wrap. I am wanting to use these same documents to create ebooks. I have studied the new tags and edited my style names to conform to html conventions and have included tags.


      I need a script that will:

      1) cut those questions from their boxes, delete the box, and move the questions into the main margin just above the paragraph they are anchored to. All of the questions have the same style (d-question).

      2) replace the "frame break" at the end of the questions with a paragraph marker that uses the "d-question" style


      I don't know if this is a diff script or can be done in the same one, but:

      3) i also have a little candle grapic (candle.tif) in some places (denotes an illustration) that is outside the margin but has no text associated, but is also anchored to a paragraph it goes with. I would like for it to be inline at the beginning of the paragraph text.

      4) AND move any pictures, graphs, etc. into the main body, just above where they are anchored but on their own paragraph marker styled "body_art".


      Can anyone help? I would appreciate any advice you have.