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    Error Exporting to iOS

    KimHJ50 Level 1

      I have an application that I build in Flash Builder 4.6 the applicationis running fine on my Android device.

      I'm no trying to Export a release Build to the apple iPhone, first time I tried I got a error that I haven't installed the apple SDK, I download the ADOBE AIR SDK and copied the three folder over to my C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.6\sdks\4.6.0\lib\aot

      Now when I try I get the error that the GPL component arm-apple-darwin9-as.exe is missing. When I look in the folder I see a file called arm-apple-darwin9.as but not an executable (exe)

      I look in all folders of the dowloaded SDK and I don't see any executable.


      Thanks for any help.