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    Multi-duplicate rollover entries in index search

      RH6 HTML, Flash output

      When searching for a given string through the "index" section, when I click on an index entry, a rollover list appear (for entries with more than 1 instance) that contain too many items.
      It seems that the length of the list is false (too big) and that the system is padding the list by repeating the right list of items.
      It seems that items are mainly duplicated twice, but I encountered some cases with duplications of 3 or 4 times.

      This phenomenon doesn't appear on my development PC (Win XP pro), neither when accessing by the filesystem (file://...) nor accessing by the local web server ( http://localhost/...), but it appears on the production web server (a linux / apache server).

      Did anybody encounter the same issue and/or know how it can be solved ?