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    Moving clips around is driving me crazy


      I'm a bit new to PE and have been spending some significant time making movies. This little annoyance has finaly caused me to seek some help.


      I'll layout a series of clips and set them to certain points within a soundtrack.  I have nothing locking them in place, they're just in the timeline (I do this b/c I don't know if there is a way to lock them to a beat marker or a particular point on a timeline).  Anyhow, when I want to delete a clip, or adjust a clip on a seperate Video line, clips behind it automatically move.  I don't have everything on the same Video line, I have groups of them that are staggards.  But this is really driving me crazy, especially if I want to work further down the line of the soundtrack.


      Is there a way to lock a clip to a beat or timeline marker?  Or is there a way to lock that clip in place so it doesn't move when I edit clips around it?





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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE doesn't allow locks (PrPro does). The feature that is annoying you is called 'Ripple Delete' and is the default behaviour.


          To deactivate the ripple hold down the [Shift] key as you press [Delete]. You can also use the context sensitive menu - right click the clip and choose 'Clear' to prevent the ripple closing the gap or 'Delete and Close Gap' to perform the ripple.







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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can also override the ripple feature by holding down the Ctrl key (the Cmd key on a Mac) as you add or move clips to and around your timeline.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              Neale & Steve have answered the big two issues in your post.


              You mention Beat Markers, so I'll touch on those a bit. While you cannot "lock" a Clip to them, they do offer functionality - if you have Snap ON (toggles with the S key), as you approach one with a Clip, their will be a change in the density of the line at the Head, or Tail of the Clip, and it will want to go right to that Marker. Remember two things, shoiuld Snap become a problem, and with some fine editing movement, it can, just turn it OFF, until you are done, and then turn it back ON, with that S key - and remember the Ctrl modifier key, to temorarily turn OFF the default Ripple Edit function. I think that you will now find editing much easier.


              Good luck,



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