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    Plug-in Window goes behind main window(CS5)

    Cg soft

      hi all,

           I've been working on a plug in development for After Effects(CS5)..But i'm facing a problem now. The plug in window goes behind the After effects main window..So i would like to know the reason and solution for the problem..so could anybody help me out on this?


      Cg soft

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          shachar carmi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hi cg soft.

          welcome to our little, quiet sea-side developers community. (where people are nice and the pharmacies are open late)


          i can't understand whether the problem you're describing is in regards to a custom made window (pop up), a palette plug-in, or the ECW.

          this is a long thread that deals with a lot of different issues, but also goes into details on creating os level windows:



          at the end if it you'll find this very useful video, courtesy of gutsblow:


          he shows how to create windows using cocoa.


          if you're not dealing with an os level window then... what exactly is the problem?

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            BillClag Level 2

            I had this same problem.  Bruce Bullis provided an answer. 




            Then use mainWnd as your parent window for your dialog and it will be in front of the main After Effects window. 


            It still might end up benind any open Options windows, but if you make your dialog big enough, it will peek out somewhere.  Then the user can click on it to bring it to the front. 


            I wish there was an API for the handle for the Options dialog window.