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    how do I localize Flash CS5.5 iOS app to one language


      What method or process do I use to set an iOS app to only one language?


      I recently had an iPad app written in Flash CS5.5 approved at the iTunes app store. I noticed at the iTunes store, it indicates that my app is localized in 14 different languages. I never set this up; it seems that there is a process that automatically adds several default language localizations to the ipa binary when the file is published. I tried the strings panel, used a var to set the localID, went into the SDK for flex and flash builder and deleted the locales (could not find anything similar for Flash itself), but none of this seems to prevent Flash from adding the language defaults. I have found many examples on how to localize my app for several languages, but nothing on how to set it to only one.


      Thanks much, Jon