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    Lightroom 4 Crashes Constantly in Develop Mode

    Eveningsong01 Community Member

      Dear Adobe,


      I have been using LIghtroom 4 Beta 64-bit since mid-January. Since then it has crashed about 20 times - always when I am in the Develop mode. (Error message - Adobe Lightroom 4 64-bit has stopped working).


      My computer system is one year old and Windows 7, Intel I7 CPU Q740 @ 1.73 GHz with 6 GB RAM. It is stable and works well 99% of the time with all programs. In the past year, it has crashed only twice with Adobe Lightroom 3 (now have Lightroom 3.6 installed, which works fine and does not crash).


      Another user reported Lightroom 4 crashes in the Develop mode when he moved between images. Yes, I am seeing that also. When I am reviewing photos in the Develop mode and moving quickly through many images, Lightroom 4 crashes. However, it also crashes when I am using the spot removal brush. I have not been paying attention to when it crashes and only recently started to note when Lightroom goes down.I will monitor it more in the future and report back.


      However, it seems to crash when I am doing what I suspect is "heavy duty processing".  I have also received repeated warnings from my Norton 360 software that Lightroom 4 is using High memory (using 3.6 GB RAM) and once I receeived a Norton 360 high disk usage warning about Lightroom 4. My Norton 360 software has never flashed any performance alerts when I am working in Adobe Lightroom 3.


      I recognize that Lightroom 4 is a beta version and may not have the full vetting and stability that we would expect when the program is finally launched later this year. Consequently, I was willing to put up with the crashes. However, I am currently working on a professional job that I would like to process in Lightroom 4. Unfortunately, Lightroom 4 is crashing about every 20 minutes so the problem is getting worse. It seems to crash less when I turn off my system and reboot. For this current professional job, I started a new Lightroom 4 catalog thinking that your software might be having problems when the catalog is large. That has not helped. Lightroom 4 is still crashing on the new catalog.


      My computer system works well on other programs (Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, Nik Software, Microsoft Office, OnOne Software, etc) and is only crashing continually on Lightroom 4 beta so I think the problem is your software and not my system. One of the benefits to a beta test is Adobe gets to hear from many users and discover bugs and software problems. I wanted to call this constant crashing of Lightroom 4 on Windows 7 to your attention. Is crashing a normal problem with beta versions or is there some fix to this issue. Can you help?


      Thanks for letting us try Lightroom 4. I really like the new features. While I have had to relearn how to process images since some of the basic develop control sliders work differently than in Lightroom 3, I believe Lightroom 4 has improved my ability to enhance images.  I trust that when Lightroom 4 is issued, the crashing issues that I am experiencing will be solved. Still, if you have any suggestions so I can avoid Lightroom 4 crashes, I would like to hear them. Thanks Adobe.


      Best wishes,



      PS - I have never allowed the link so Adobe could monitor how  I use Adobe products. I value my privacy. However, given these Lightroom 4 issues, I now realize it is in my best advantage to allow Adobe to see how I am using Lightroom 4 and when it goes down. I want Lightroom 4 to be the best it can be. Therefore, I would be willing to join the program where Adobe gets information from my comptuer about my Adobe program usage. Is there a link that I can click to enable Adobe to monitor what is happening on my computer?