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    Can't Enable Version Control

    rasty1980 Level 1


      I have a website that needs to be edited from 3 different locations (UK, US and Romania) and we are trying to set up Version control. i have installed on my server Apache and CobaltNet Subversion Edge, we have opened port 3690 to conect to the server, now.. we can't connect to the server using an SVN connection but we can connect using an HTTP connection but when we try to edit the web page we get the following message:


      This is the how we have set up our version control:


      Any help will be highly appreciated as we need to deply Contribute in the next 10 days.

      Thank you!

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          Shilpa_ Level 1

          1. 3690 is the Default Port, changing the server port to "Default" option should ideally work.

          2. Is the page which is edited created before enabling Subversion OR after enabling Subversion for the website? If the page is already created then subversion would throw error, since it is not there in its repository.

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            rasty1980 Level 1

            Hi Mate,

            thanks for replying!

            i am trying to enable version control before connecting to the website now but it wont let me, i have deleted the website that we are trying to edit and then i go to edit-my connections but i cant access the version control option.

            would it be useful to try and connect using http? and if so do you have any idea how to do it?.. i have been on the phone to Adobe but they said that it is a fault at our end because we have not configured the subversion server propperly and in all honesty we have no idea how to do that.