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      Hi all,


      I am very new to Flex. I am using flex with Webfocus. I dropped a ibiDataGrid and tried to pull in a procedure from webfocus by using the "seturl" property.


      My question is, should the seturl be only in xml format?


      Any reply will be highly appreciated.




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          Mathangi Ramachandran

          Hi Ramya


          Not necessarily you need to use .xml as data provider to ibidatagrid. You can use a .fex as source.


          Just an example:



          <ibi:ibiDataGrid id="dataSup" width="124" height="100" seturl=test.fex visible="true"





          Note: test.fex - give the complete path of fex file

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            RamyaGopinath Level 1



            Thank you so much for your response.


              <ibi:ibiDataGrid x="136" y="39" width="551" height="253" seturl="C:\ibi\apps\sample_procedures\test_sample.fex" visible="true">


            I tried with the above code and get no output. In note you told to give the full path of fex. Can you jus tell me if the code is correct?


            I do get the output for test_sample.fex when I run through webfocus

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              Mathangi Ramachandran Level 1



              Try these:


              1. While loading ibi components its mandatory to place the components within ibiCanvas. So check if you have ibiCanvas

              2. Place the .fex procedure under Data server. If you place under MRE, data will not be loaded until the login credentials are not given in the fex path. Still if you have your .fex in MRE, you should execute the fex once before you run your flex application.

              3. Try executing the above seturl from your browser. If you have problem in getting output, then it seems the path is incorrect.

              4. Finally, after your flex UI is launched, right click on the screen and select "Show message window" - this will show you the trace of how the ibidatagrid is loading. 


              Good luck!

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                RamyaGopinath Level 1



                Thanks again.


                Everything is fine as you mentioned


                When I see the message window, after processing xml, it says data error. But the fex executes fine in webfocus.


                May I know what will be the problem then?




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                  Mathangi Ramachandran Level 1



                  Generally if the fex file name / path is wrongly entered, you will get the data error. I tried simulating the same scenarion at my end, and in case of wrong file name, i get "Data Error".


                  Executing the fex from MRE, by right click and Run option will work fine. Try once again from your IE, by entering the complete seturl and click go - see if you get output.


                  If possible, can you send me your code.

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                    RamyaGopinath Level 1



                    I tried entering the seturl in IE and it displays the text view of the fex file instead of output.


                    I just placed ibicanvas and ibigrid. I set the seturl as "C:\ibi\apps\sample_procedures\test_sample.fex".




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                      Mathangi Ramachandran Level 1

                      Ramya, So does it work, are you getting a loaded datagrid?

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                        RamyaGopinath Level 1

                        No Mathangi.


                        Thanks for your very quick response. Will try once again and will let you know