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    A mystery of PDF quality degradation in indd


      Ok, so this is a strange phenomenon that has occured. I have created an InDesign portfolio, which includes pdfs, jpegs, tiffs, and photoshop files. I made the document for print, exported to pdf, and have some beautiful pdfs that I have used. These files are very large, which will not work for sending emailed versions, so I went back into the Indd file and exported at a smaller setting. I noticed that the images in the new exported pdf were still good quality, but all the files that were placed pdfs looked smeared, aka garbage. After fiddling with the settings, I deduced that the placed files themselves in the indd doc were of degraded quality. (*note not the original files used to placed that are in a folder on my comp). When I attempted to change the view settings to high quality, nothing changed. The files seemed to be stuck in a blurry mode. I went through and re-placed all the pdf files, which seemed to fix the problem. I am not sure how this could have happened, since all the other placed files were still of good quality. Only the pdfs turned "bad" and this happened after about a month. A month ago, the same exact indd files, without any changes, could be changed to high quality viewing and they exported correctly. How could these "bad" pdfs export well, and then a month later not export well and need to be replaced into the indd doc? This really baffles my mind, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this or has any clue as to what is going on. I am using indd CS 5.5 on a MacBook Pro 2011 with Lion.