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    I messed up

    Stoney 1

      Here it is once again asking how can I get back to adobe flash Player

      I have apple imac g5 using Tiger 10.4.11  it does not have a intel

      I have used adobe flash player since I bought this apple in 2005.

      I recently was misinformed to uninstall adobe flash and was told  that to stop it from acting up to re install it again

      Well to my doing that I find out that I am unable to get the older version back again

      I have tried all the older versions and each time uninstalled each and moved onto the next

      Not a one will install and I know nothing about computers or any thing of finding how to fix this mess I got myself into.

      I ask how what and why I am not able even to find the right one

      I only followed the instructions each time and upgraded each adobe flash player as it mentioned on this

      apple               HELP if anyone can.              Thank you before and thank you for trying.        Stoney 1