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    Flash catalyst to DW

    hobittual Level 1

      I have made a scroll bar with Ai and Fc. So I have a mass of files and two options local or web. If I look at the html file in either, it is smothered in meta and comments etc. All of which pertain to the scroll bar and content I built in Fc. How do I insert that, and which bits do I insert into my already built page of my website? It is such a messy job, I really can't believe it.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          My first question is what are planning to do with the scrollbar? Is there other content within your Flash Catalyst project, or is it a scroll bar?


          The reason I ask, is I want to understand your goal of the project before I get into the details of what the elements are. I suspect that you might want to us AI & FC to create a hihgly designed scroll bar to control HTML based content. This will not work without a LOT of additional work.