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        Level 5

        I don't know why this time, but it doesn't surprise me.


        WE all know how utterly incompetent Adobe has been and still is regarding anything to do with the Internet or their web servers.

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          Hudechrome Level 2

          Good morning.


          I've been looking at the Cache files on my "N" Drive where I keep the Cache files. Some strange things happening, ie, there are two locations, one simply lists the 1024, 256, Data and Full in the root directory. The sizes are:






          Total is about 38G.


          Date Modified: 05-27-2014


          The files inside run mostly 2014 and some 2013.


          Now, down the line in "N" Drive there is a folder called Bridge Cache, date Modified is 4-3-2013. It's overall size is 24.6G. In the full folder, only one subfolder 04-03, in the 1024 dates from late 2012 to 2013.


          There is no 256 folder at all.


          I'm trying to reduce the excesses on this drive "N", it's a 2T drive with 390G free.


          From what I have read here, I can delete the Bridge Cache folder, or at least, empty it's contents. I am curious why it's existence with only one date for the Full folder and yet it's almost as big as the set in the drive root.



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            Yammer Level 4

            There should only be one active cache. You can find out which one is the live cache by checking the location in Bridge Preferences > Cache. My guess is it's the one you highlighted with the recent date.


            Why you have another one is anyone's guess. My guess is that you had an alternative location set at some stage, maybe after an upgrade, or maybe you forgot about it.


            256 and 1024 should always have similar lists of filenames and folders, as one is for content panel thumbnails, and one is for preview panel, which work together. 'Full' only contains 100% previews generated on the fly (loupe, full screen zoom, etc). Compacting the cache SHOULD remove any unnecessary files, but doesn't always (in my experience). If you're not preserving 100% previews then you can safely wipe anything in the 'full' subdirectory.

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              Hudechrome Level 2

              Cache is only on "N" drive, but in two locations: root and Bridge Cache folder. I agree the most recent date is the most active, but unless the folder labelled "Bridge Cache" is unavailable to Bridge, I assume both locations valid.


              I could go to one of the images in the Bridge Cache folder and open it from Bridge to see if it generates in the root position. So far as I can see, there is no duplication of files that is files of a certain date are either in the root position or the Bridge Cache folder. I would assume opening a file from a date in the Bridge Cache folder would generate a 256 file, as none exist in the Bridge Cache folder.


              I'll go look.

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                Omke Oudeman Level 5

                but unless the folder labelled "Bridge Cache" is unavailable to Bridge, I assume both locations valid.



                I agree with Yammer, you should manual dump the oldest folder. The fact it has no 256 folder (which it always should, in fact every cache folder should have the four mentioned folders wether they have content or not) and you should (or better can) only use one central Cache folder, the one that shows your path in the Bridge preferences.


                As Yammer also pointed out, using compact cache has different results. If you have no long time usage for Cache then it is best to every now and then delete the whole content of the Bridge Cache folder manually and after restarting Bridge it will create a new, fresh and empty (but with the 4 mentioned folders) central cache file. You need to recache again but you can do pointing Bridge to the upper parent folder in the folder panel, in menu view choose show items from subfolders and let it run overnight to finish the job properly.


                I did so only 2 months ago due to a cache size of about 70 GB, now it already has grown again to 25 GB

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                  Hudechrome Level 2

                  I agree. After checking out N Drive, I did find duplicate files in both Bridge Cache and in the 1024 folder in the root position. Curious why both exist, unless for some reason, Bridge cannot read Bridge Cache and proceeded to dump the essential files in the root directory (Computer>New Volume N>.....)

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                    thank you fixed my problem, yay

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                      Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                      Pierre Courtejoie wrote:


                      White Labels instead of colored ones.

                      You updated from another version of Bridge, or have attributed labels in Lightroom where the labels had another name.

                      Make sure that you attribute the same name to the labels in Edit>Preferences>Labels (Pc) or Bridge>Preferences>Labels (Mac)

                      Changing the label names causes the same problem for attributed labels.

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                        bridge is too large for the screen ... how do I make it smaller ... the rest of the programs seem to be ok ... thanks

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