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    Printing PDF is slow with 64-bit

      We recently "upgraded" to Vista 64 and installed Acrobat 9 Pro. Since then, pdf files print extremely slow on my HP Business Inkjet 2800. It takes a full 2 or 3 minutes to reach the printer, which is local, then it makes one pass, stops for about 30 seconds, and makes the next pass. At first I thought it was a printer issue, but I just tried printing a pdf from Acrobat Reader and everything was fine. The settings, as far as I can see, as the same in both programs. I'm using the PS driver on the printer. I can use the reader to print, but it's a pain creating a file in one program and having to load another just to print it.

      Anybody run into this?
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          I am having the same problem.  I have Vista Ultimate x64,  Acrobat 9, CS3, Lightroom.


          No problems printing with any other programs on the same printer.  (HP 2840, on the network, and using Windows PS driver)


          No matter how small the file, it takes for ever for the pages to come out.


          Sometimes it speeds up after the first one, sometimes it doesn't.

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            Printing Slow with Adobe


            This has nothing to do with your sysem, and everything to do with Adobe File Versions


            1. What version of Adobe are you running, eg Adobe 8 or 9


            2. What version is the original FILE  e.g. a version older than your current version will print slower


            3. Open the file, and choose save as, then choose the version of Adobe you are currently using ( save as Adobe 8 when your running Version 8 )


            4. Open the NEW Version 8 file which is now equal to your current version of Adobe


            5. Print this NEW file


            6. Results should show a much faster print job when the File Version matches your Adobe Version


            ... hopefully a hotfix will be sent out soon for this



            Tom Knutson,

            TKO-USA ( a technical nockout, in the USA )

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              alexgary Level 1

              Running 9.1


              Most of the files are the current version.


              I hope there is a solution soon.  It makes it very hard to get any work done.

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                TKO-USA Level 1

                When same version and still slow ...


                Solution 1: Print the file using a PostScript printer driver
                Solution 2: Print using Print as Image option in Advanced Print setup.
                Solution 3: Change the Print Optimizations setting to "Disabled


                Acrobat uses different printing routines based on the type of printer driver your system uses. When you use the PCL printer driver, the spool file sent to the printer is larger than it should be. When you print using the PostScript printer, you will not encounter this problem.


                Tom Knutson - aka TKO-USA

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                  Have the same problem with Adobe Reader 9.1 and Vista Home Premium x86 and Home Basic x86, Brother MFC-440cn network printer.

                  When I start to print any PDF it takes ages to start printing and CPU goes almost 100% for more then 1/2 hour!!


                  Setting to print as image in the Advanced options in Adobe Reader's printing settings solves the problem: it takes a few seconds and CPU % is acceptable too.

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                    TKO-USA Level 1

                    The system Registry   could have gone awry



                    ,DAT is fairly stable, however, I have seen it go awry every now and again (  in about 1 out of 150 pcs give or take )


                    The simplest / fastest solution is to save the user data and rebuild the PC


                    However you can  rebuild the user's .DAT file via : START, RUN, CMD, REGEDIT


                    There are some good articles on this subject online if your a nuts and bolts type of person who likes to take things apart and try to figure out how they really work, then tweeking the registry may be for you ... personally I have better things to do with my time.


                    TKO - USA,  Tom Knutson

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                      hexaae Level 1

                      No it's not a random registry corruption that cause this issue. If you know what you do with your PCs, this can't happen.

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                        I'm running Vista64 with Acrobat 9.1 Pro Extended - not only printing is slow, but EVERYTHING is slow

                        especially when loading larger PDF's.  For example when you get to 5MB and larger it can take

                        a very long time to load (minutes++) - it might even appear to NEVER LOAD.  Don't even try larger pdf/books

                        say 15-25-50MB - they will just never even load - at least I've never left my computer on long enough to see.

                        Who knowns maybe after 10 or 20 hours it might finally load.

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                          I have the same problem.


                          Windows Vista 64 bit.

                          Adobe Acrobat Standard Version 9.1.3

                          Printing on Ricoh Aficio MP C2500 using driver PCL 6, also tried the older and other driver versions.


                          It takes abotu 1 or 2 minutes to print. I have submitted a question about this to support. I really need a solution to this problem. As I print hundreds of papers daily.


                          Where can I find a solution to this problwm. I have talked to the Ricoh people who are currently looking at the problem. My printer supply company Ikon has been no help.




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                            I have any problem.


                            Adobe Acrobat Standard Version 9.1

                            Windows Vista 32 bit.

                            Printing on OKI C9650HDTN

                            It takes abotu 2 minutes to print.



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                              Adan Daroski Level 1

                              I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 64bit on a Core 2 Duo, 2 Gig RAM, 250 Gig SATA, Shuttle Mini PC.

                              PDF's are taking forever to print to a Lexmark Laser printer on a Linksys Print Server. Other doc's ( or .odt's, I should say) or web pages from firefox print fine, but these PDF's are killing me.

                              I am using the standard document PDF viewer that is standard, and I think that Adobe's "Reader" solved the prob for me before, but they do not support the 64bit OS, so I am stuck with the standard PDF viewer.


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                                briangillet Level 1

                                Adobe reader will solve your problem


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                                  charlesying Level 1

                                  Mainly, since some PDFs take longer, it could be an issue with rastering  (rasterizing?) the graphics of the PDF. You can try enabling or  disabling "Print as image" to see if that helps. Also, if a text-only  PDF prints quickly, that may be the whole issue. I know in older  printers, this could be helped by upgrading memory, but this doesn't  appear to be the problem here

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                                    bob2012green Level 1

                                    Thanks Adan for the great advice i was searching in various forums the best solution. I found it here


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