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    Opening template plug-ins location?


      Hi. OK, I have an admittedly dumb and easy question that I can't seem to get the answer on the FAQs or searching the archives, so I am just gonna ask. I am new to CS5 and have been going thru all of the Video2brain tutorials which makes what I saw where and when a little fuzzy, as they are all blending together...


      About a month ago I was playing around in AE and I came across some built in samples that had a variety of curtains parting, or doors opening with a green screen behind them to drop in the video. I didn't pay that much attention to how I found them at the time, figuring I could find them again in the future. (I think I had seen it in Bridge). Now I am looking to add one of these effects to a video, and I can't seem to find them! I have looked in Premiere, Encore and AE and no luck. I'm sure it's really easy to find (after all, I had found it before) and would really appreciate it if one of you super users could tell me how to locate these templates.


      BTW, these are not in the samples of text effects or the other digital type effects that open in the plug-ins when opening the "Effects" panel in AE. They are somewhere else, I just don't know where. And no, they were not discussed in the V2B series. I had just stumbled upon them.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. While not a big deal, I have the same feeling like when you have a word on the tip of your tongue and it's driving you nuts to find it.


      Thanks in advance.