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    Can Rotobrush be used with blending modes?

    rowby Level 1

      Can I use the shape created by Rotobrush with blending modes?  Using CS5.


      I'm trying to do it, but blending modes seem to have no effect on the shape created by Rotobrush.  Specifically Multiply.

      If I have a solid color behind my video all I am able to get to show is the solid color.


      In the below example, the solid is red.


      Also I see this in the Rotobrush documentation, which could be part of the answer to my question:


      "You can copy Roto Brush Path properties, and paste them into masks, shapes, and instances of the Paint effect, just like you can with other kinds of paths. If you copy an individual stroke, the Roto Brush span information is not copied; however, if you copy the entire Roto Brush effect instance, it includes the Roto Brush span (and base frame) information."


      Are there any tutorials the show how to do the above??  I prefer video tutorials