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    Transitions not behaving


      Am new to Pe10 using OSX .  I presently cannot click and drag transitions into Timeline. I have slit clip and need to insert a transition at the joining. I am in Edit >transitions. I click the rquired transition, it shows a tiny white circle with a slanted red line across. When I drag below the transition area, the circle/red line dissapear. I have followed instructions in Muvipix.com Premier Elements 8 Basic Training part 4.  On their video, this circle with red line does not appear, but it does on mine, its as if its telling me that my settings will not allow it. I also notice that on my split clips, I do not have the two triangles, one at end, one at beginning, indicating that these clips are untrimmed. Its a video file that I imported from my hard drive, 720p.mov. Would appreciate your help.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a screen capture of what you're seeing? This is something I've never seen before. I'm not sure how clicking on a transition in the Transitions panel will show a white circle with a slanted line across it.


          BTW, you say you just split the clip on your timeline and that you're adding a transition onto it? Note that, if that is the case, you're essentially transitioning a clip to itself -- and often that makes the transition invisible.


          You don't say, but I assume you're dragging the transition onto the intersection of two clips and that you've tried trimming back each clip a second or so to allow for transitional material.


          What model of camcorder is this video from and how did you add it to your computer's hard drive?


          When you set up  your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?

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            artanddecco Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            Your reply has helped me to solve the immediate problem. I clipped a 

            second off both ends of the intersecting clips, and this time the 

            transition worked perfectly. I was under the understanding that this 

            was only necessary if the video had static images after the 

            transition was inserted. In my case it would not allow me to insert 

            it. Another interesting thing happened. the Console Message Icon 

            appeared in my desktop icons, and when I opened it it I had 1600 

            messages in it, mainly ......ganizer10(5185) toast deferred because 

            main window is not active, try again later  another one 

            said ....ple.lauchd(1) (com.apple.sys logd(8265) exited abnormally: 

            Segmentation fault.

            Despite the fact that the Transition now work, these messages keep 

            coming in to my Console Message Monitor.  I googled similar messages 

            and they appear to be connected with Adobe software, but I am at a 

            loss to understand what is happening, and how to stop these messages 


            I tried screen cap. but whilst I can read it on my monitor, I cannot 

            read it after I insert it into this message

            Referring to your message :- Yes I had tried dragging trans. into 

            intersection (but before trimming back each end) My Camcorder is a 

            Canon HV20. The video file had first been loaded into iMovie and then 

            recently, taken from my movie hardrive into Pe10 using 720p. Its 

            properties were MPEG Movie, 2.2GB image size 1280X720 Frame Rate 25 I 

            notice that when I first open project, a yellow screen monentarily 

            appears with a series of sentences in various languages, is this 

            normal. I used PAL HDV 720p 25 to set up project, is this correct !



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Are you saying your video is coming from your HV20 as 1280x720p? That doesn't sound right. But if you're processing it in iMovie before you bring it into Premiere Elements, that can be problematic too.


              I highly recommend you use Premiere Elements for your entire workflow if you want the best results. Your HV20 is a tape-based HDV camcorder, so you should be capturing your video over a FireWire connection and your resulting video should be 1440x1080 HDV, which is how your project should be set up.


              I don't know what the Console Message Monitor is, but you should be no means be getting messages re Premiere Elements on OSX Snow Leopard or Lion if you've got the program set up properly and you're using the proper workflow (and not a hybrid workflow through iMovie).