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    AIR on Android: set stage.autoOrients to false cause the application to change to landscape mode


      To lock my application, I set stage.autoOrients to false. It locks the orientationa as I expect.


      However, if the app is in portrait mode and I set stage.autoOrients to false, the application always to turn

      to lanscape mode before it locks the auto-orients. In order to view the application in the portrait mode, while locking the auto-orientation, I have to call stage.setAspectRatio('portrait'). Calling stage.setAspectRatio('portrait') forces the app to show in the portrait mode.


      So if it is in the portrait mode and set stage.autoOrients to false, then set stage.setAspectRatio('portrait'), the application will turn from portrait mode to landscape mode then turn back to portrait. This looks early.


      When I set stage.autoOrients to false, I like the app to stay in whatever display mode it is ( don't turn to landscape as current Android behavior). Can this be done?


      Thank you in advance for any help,