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    Restart paragraph numbering each spread


      How do I restart paragraph numbering after each spread?


      I'm working on a catalog where the items in a spread are marked with a letter, and the images of those items are marked with the same letter.  This way the reader can see which image belongs with which listing.  For example:


      A: Widget

      This is a nifty widget!

      418.701A   $5.99

      (anchored image of a widget)


      B: Thingamajig

      Try our new thingamajig.  It's fantastic!

      105.209X   $1,039.49

      (anchored image of a thingamajig)



      If paragraph numbering doesn't restart at all, the numbers get far too high, as we have thousands of listings in the catalog.  If numbering restarts after every higher-level section, we could have two paragraphs on the same spread with the same number, as sections can change within a spread.

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          Just to clarify, would you sometimes have A and B on one page, and A and B on the next consecutive page, but during the layout process, item A from the second page may be moved back, and need to become C on the first page, or possibly B from the first page is deleted and A from the following page moves back to become B? Is that what you're up against, and you want it to be automatic? I'm not sure I have a solution just now, but I want to be sure I understand you.

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            rainbucket Level 1

            Absolutely right.  Each spread will have paragraphs "numbered" A, B, C, etc.  If, during layout work, an A paragraph moves back to the previous spread, it gets renumbered as C or D or whatever comes next.  If a paragraph moves forwards to the next spread, it gets renumbered as A, and the remainder of the paragraphs on the page get renumbered starting from B.