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    Exporting to interactive pdf - CS5.5. Spreads? Video problem?

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      This question is for a client and since I don't have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro X or InDesign 5.5 (I use Acrobat Pro 9 and CS4) I am having trouble helping her out.


      Essentially, she wants to export an interactive pdf in a specific way, but I'm not entirely sure how to help her because I am unfamiliar with the new programs. (Having pointed her and myself in InDesign help as proved a little bit helpful but not for these specific questions.) I realize the export process is pretty much the same with using my versions, but different enough so I have to ask. I could probably figure it out if I had the programs, but where we are communicating via screenshots in emails it's difficult to think things through.


      When we export it, we choose to save it as an Adobe (Interactive) file. I am used to just checking the Interactive Elements box and going from there, so this threw me a little. The interactive dialog box is different and it seems like we can't control the output as much. When we export the hyperlinks work just fine, but the video files don't seem to work. They don't register that they are videos (so it's not a matter of us not having quicktime.) They are .mov files. I got the movies to play properly on a PDF I exported from Pro 9 and CS4 before I sent her the working files, so what's the problem? Is this because of the .mov file or is it an export setting we just missed? (I know PDFs work better with other video files.) I know the videos are linked properly in InDesign. Also, she wants the pages in single page format, not spreads. When we export in an Interactive mode, all the pages are spreads. Another export setting we're missing?


      Sorry if these questions have overly obvious answers but as I said it's hard to try to teach someone how to use a program via email without knowing the program properly myself, or at least as well as the older ones.


      Thanks, any help is appreciated!