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    Can users insert hyperlinks into text fields?

    maestrodog1 Level 1

      LC ES2 9.0.0


      I'd like end users of pdf forms to be able to insert working hyperlinks into text fields.  Can this be done?  I tried to create a text field in a form, but the hyperlink only reads as text and not as an active link.  Is there a setting, or special type of field somewhere, either in LC ES or in Acrobat Reader to turn on so this is possible?

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          Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

          In the TextField properties, set the "Field Format" to Rich Text.

          And in the preview, press CTRL+E to enable the floating formatting menu. You can see hyperlink as one of the option.




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            maestrodog1 Level 1

            This sort of works but it's a very clumsy workaround for an end user...first you paste the link text into the field, then you have to highlight the text, then CTRL +E, then you have to paste the text into the resulting window.  And then you can't just click the hyperlink to open it, you have to right-click and select "Open Hyperlink."


            A five-step process to get a link pasted in so that it can work, and then you have to do something non-intuitive to open it; not really user friendly.


            I did actually find another resource where you can put a button next to the text field that will change the adjacent field to a hyperlink, you can find it here:



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              joflo723 Level 1

              Reviving this because I was wondering...how would you link to a folder on a network drive?


              The example posted by maestrodog1 is very helpful, but it provides a button that when clicked, links to an internet URL.


              if (xfa.host.name != "XFAPresentationAgent")


                  var oURI = xfa.resolveNode("form1.page1.header.TextField2").rawValue;

                  var oLink = "<body xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml\" xmlns:xfa=\"http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/\"><p style=\"letter-spacing:0in\"><a href=\"" + oURI+ "\" style=\"margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;text-valign:bottom;font-family:'Myriad Pro';font-size:8pt\">" + oURI + "</a></p></body>";

                  xfa.resolveNode("form1.page1.header.TextField2").value.exData.loadXML(oLink, false, true);



              When I enter a local or network path (for example "Y:\Network\File.doc"), I get the following error message in my browser:

              Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (y) isn't associated with any program.


              How would you alter this so that it links to a local or network file?