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    Multiple series chart with differing dates

      Is there a way to display multiple series on a chart when the data for the horizontal axis doesn't match up? For example:

      if data1 (val, date) is (10, 01/05/2008) (15, 02/08/2008) (20, 03/01/2008)
      and data2 (val, date) is (8, 01/12/2008) (25, 02/10/2008) (30, 03/14/2008)

      how would I get the data to display on a multiple series chart. Right now, I am using a CategoryAxis for the horizontal axis. If I do something like this:

      hAxis.dataProvider = data1;
      hAxis.categoryField = "date";

      it will show only the series for data1, but not data2.