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    Importing Illustrator Files

    NASAphotographer Level 1

      Can anyone lead me to a good article or training clip on importing Illustrator files into After Effects?  My problem comes from, I think, building square pixel images in Illustrator that get distorted when I import them into a high definition After Effects composition.


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          dont make your images to big because they are vector and be resized without rasterization so Id make the file smaller than Hi Def and resize when you export into AE

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            NASAphotographer Level 1

            I have actually created a hi def composition in AE and imported an already create AI graphic.  The original graphic is only about 350 points by 250 points buts gets distorted when I import the file.  I really appreciate your advice but maybe I'm not importing properly as I'm a little confused.  I was thinking that the distortion was caused by the square pixel in AI and the pixel ration of 1.2121 HD in AE.  Am I on the wrong path.



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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              A few things to bear in mind:


              • RGB, not CMYK.

              • If you have components in the Illustrator document that you want to appear as individual layers in AE, put each in its own layer in Illustrator and import into AE as a comp.

              • The Pixel aspect ratio compensation switch looks like a two-headed arrow at the bottom of the AE comp window.  When toggled on to show the proper aspect ratio, things look jagged.  When toggled off, things look smooth but either too narrow or too wide. When rendered, everything's in the proper aspect ratio AND smooth.