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    OSMF problem

    johnny badawa

      Hi. I've created a new Actionscript project in Flash Builder 4.5 to learn OSMF. I named the project OSMF. When i save the following class file :-




          import flash.display.Sprite;


          import org.osmf.media.MediaPlayerSprite;


          [SWF(width='680', height='382', backgroundColor='#000000', frameRate='30')]

          public class OSMF extends Sprite


              private var mps:MediaPlayerSprite;


              public function OSMF()





              private function init():void


                  mps = new MediaPlayerSprite();


                  mps.resource = new URLResource("http://adobe.edgeboss.net/download/adobe/adobetv/platform_evangelism/believe.mp4");





      it gives an error: "Call to possibly undefined method: URLResource" along with "Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: URLResource".


      This is pretty basic stuff i'm copying from a video tutorial and the osmf video plays fine in the tutorial. I'm using Flex 4.5 and i've used both the default osmf library included in flex and osmf 1.6 but get the same error.


      Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance !