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    Optimized grid for mobile game


      I am developing a game for multiple mobile devices using Flex 4.6. I wanted to ask what you think the optimal performace solution would be for creating the below component.


      The component spec is as follows:


      1) It needs to be a grid type interface where icons can be dragged and dropped into it.

      2) the grid has a fixed number of empty cells that allow draganddrop capability

      3) the empty cells need the ability to display an optional background icon


      Ive tested this by using the tileGroup and adding a custom component TileContainer to act as the  empty grid cells. this TileContainer accepts draGandDrop and can display a bacground icon.


      The perfomance is ok, BUT i've read that i should try and use a list with the iconItemRenderer to maximize the performance for mobile. However, i don't know if this is possible since i need a static grid containing empty cells with an optional background. Would you still suggest using a list with a custom iconItemRenderer that accepts drag and drop? or should i just try and optimize the custom tileGroup as best as possible? Or any other suggestions?


      Than you very much for your time.