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    Is there a way to include a native executable into extension package?

    Anatoly Paraev Level 1



      I need to call some native code from the CS extension using the NativeProcess API.

      Is there any way to distribute a native executable file inside the extension package?


      It looks like there is a way to include an "ordinary" file into a hybrid extension, however the file has to be installed into one of pre-defined locations (such as "$applicationsupport").


      The problem is that in order to create a NativeProcess object in the extension code, I need to know the exact path of the executable, and I can't seem to find a way to find out where exactly the executable was placed by the extension installer.


      Is there a way to install an executable into the extension folder (which I can get using CSXSInterface.getInstance().getSystemPath(APPLICATION))?


      Thank you,