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    Variable Data Set has only one thing but the error asks for more

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -

      I have a PSD (CS5, Win7) where I've defines 5 layers with variable names. One of them is the Heading layer with the variable named varHeading.  The Data Set I'm importing is very simple in that only the Heading layer will change. I'm gone over the construction of this text file a number of times but when I try to Import it as a Data Set I get the error:

      "Could not parse the file contents as a data set.  There were not enough variable names in the first line of the text file."



      "BABY CAR SEAT AECC0841"

      "BABY CAR SEAT AECC0842"

      "BABY CAR SEAT AECC0843"

      "BABY CAR SEAT AECC0844"

      "BABY CAR SEAT AECC0845"


      My first question is - does the number of variables stored in the PSD file have to match the variable names in the first line of the text file??


      If NOT - can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


      TIA your expert input.