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    Do I really need to overclock a i7 2600(k) for HD editing in CS5?

    Andy 2012

      Dear All


      After reading a lot in this forum (thanks to everyone!), I pretty much decided to buy the i7 2600k or i7 2600 (I know the difference) for the system I´m putting together.

      I´ll have a student´s edition of CS5 and will be using Premiere and AE and have one huge doubt left:


      Do I really, really need "Overclocking" for HD video editing?


      A few background infos so you know who "I" refers to:


      I´ll be doing small projects for my own private amusement, most of them likely to be less then 20 minutes long, but effects/filters/layers will definitely be involved.

      I´ll buy a Nvidia 550 for cuda, the three "obligatory" harddrives, 16 GB of RAM...

      Think of fiction short movies, music videos etc. and you get the idea.


      I am not a hardware enthousiast or a very impatient person - if a final rendering/conversion into another format takes 8 minutes instead of 6, for instance, I do not care.


      What I DO care about is smooth editing and previews when working with HD formats (yes, also the "difficult" ones). I don´t want to be on the top of any benchmarks, but

      the performance with HD still should be "good"...


      I have no previous experience with OC, but I understand it´s quite easy with this last generation of processor and motherboards.


      Yes, I am tempted to get more "Bang for the buck", but I am also reluctand to spend more money and time if I don´t really need it, or if the difference will be so minimal I won´t notice it.

      As I understand it, for OC I´ll need to get a better case with fans, a better cooler, better power supply, better who-knows-what... all decisions I need to take now...


      I also wonder:


      - Is it still true that my processor/system will have a shorter life spam with OC?

      - In case I don´t overclock, can I go with the factory cooler of the i7 2600 or is it still wise to get a better one?

      - Any suggestion which Z68 motherboard to buy with and without OC? (should be around 100-150 Euros)


      Please allow me this additional question in order not to open another threat just for it:


      - I want to get  Kingston DDR3 4GB/1333 RAM simply because it´s cheap - is that okay with the i7-2600 or should I go for 1600 instead?


      Thank you so much in advance for any kind of suggestion, I hope your answers will be useful for more users out there.