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    Best way to make forms




      Im new on this forum and almost on Dreamweaver CS5. I almost have my webpage but I need to make a page to "apply". Is a paper form (4 sheets) and we want to put it on the webpage and when the user fills all the form, just press "submit" and send it to an email, all the information. I was searching on the web how to do it, and I found that with a form, but since are 4 sheets I should do it in parts, I mean, first sheet then next sheet and all the information will be stored or saved until the user finish the form and click "Submit". Another doubt was when I finished the form, whats the next step? PHP? this is where you guys could help me how to figure out.



      I'm very lost and I wish like to find the better way to do the form.


      I'm using Dreamweaver CS5.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Be easy on yourself, build an HTML form with everything on one page.



          Use a form-to-email processing script to send the data to your email address.  Ask your host which scripts you can use (PHP, ASP classic, ASP.net, Perl, etc...).  Often, they have scripts already installed on the server which you can access in the form's action attribute:


          <form action="path-to-form-on-server/form-to-email-script.php">



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            robfet Level 1

            Let me figure out, I already have my "Apply page", in that page I will set a link button to open the HTML form. The html I'll do it from scratch.


            How can I make store all the data, I mean, the form hast 4 sheets, impossible to put it in one webpage, so I guess it should have a button for next section or something,


            I really dont understand your idea.


            I know that I can use PHP scripts.


            Waiting for your response.

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              BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              To create a form covering multiple pages, you must carry the values across from one page to the next. This can be achieved by using posted results, session variables ,cookies or URL variables. Depending on the method used and aside from HTML you will need to use either a clientside (JS) or a serverside language (PHP) or both.


              Then, when the submit button has been clicked, you must have a script that processes the data. This could be sending the information by e-mail and/or storing the results in a database, be it a relational database or a flat file system or anything in between. This is usually a serverside script like PHP.


              It is good to have an end goal in mind, but, judging by your question, your skills in HTML need to be given some attention, after which you could start learning a serverside language like PHP.


              There are some very good tutorials availabe on the web. You could start with W3Schools or Google the subject.