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    Can Presenter 7 convert power point with hyperlink of video to iPad?

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      I am new to Presenter 7.


      I have created MS Power Point Slides with action button on each slide.  The user has the abiity to click on the action button to show a video clip.  These video clips are all linked (as hyperlink).  I currently have all of the video in its own directory folder.


      I wish to display my presentation on an iPad 2.  Can I use Presenter 7 to convert my power point slides wtih the action buttons to allow video clips to be selected for display on an iPad ??


      Since my power point slides already have the action button with hyperlinks to video, is there any other Icon that I need to added to make this conversion work in Presenter 7??    I created this slides using MS VBA code because I have so many action button linked to a unique video clip.  I need this conversion to be completely automated or if I can write scripts to do the conversion.


      Or is it just running Presenter 7 on my power point slides and generating a file that I can display on the iPad 2 ??    I believe I must use an Adobe Flash Player - right ??    Once the video folder and Presenter 7 results are on the iPad, can I run this (Off line - no connected to any network or server) ??


      Will it be easier to use a PDF file that I generated from my power point slide with action buttons that play my video clips to convert using Presenter 7 ???


      As for the video format, what video format will be required for the iPad 2 ??    Can I use mpg 2 or I need to convert the video to mp4 ???


      Your help on this subject is deeply appreciated !!



      How many days do I have if I activate Presenter 7 ???



      Thank You,



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          Let's start with the baic point here, that Presenter outputs a Flash presentation, and Flash is not supported on iOS devices. You could use Captivate and the Captivate converter for HTML5 from Adobe Labs, but other than that, I'm not sure how far you will get with Presenter and your iPad. OK, on to your qeustions.


          Hyperlinked videos.No they will probably not work. Presenter does have the ability to embed videos into your presentation, and can have them delayed if you need to have content displayed prior to the video. Since Presneter is a server based tool, the hyper links must be to either an HTTP call or a call to another slide in the project. Calls to local file paths (C:/, F:/, etc.) will be disregarded.


          Presenter will take most of the simple things from PPT and convert them to an equivialant thing in Flash. Your custom coded actions my not translate, and would be worth testing. However, since they are linking to the video objects, I'm not sure they would resolve.


          Presenter converts the PPT(X) file to a Flash presentation. It is intended to run from a web server, but can be run locally, for offline viewing. The PDF publishing function is the easiest solution for that need. Thought I doub that the video links will work in the PDF version, for the same reason of dropping local file path calls.


          Presenter (7.0.7) supports FLV video. It has the ability to convert asf, wmv, mpg, mp4, dv, dvi, mov or 3g videos to FLV. Personally, I would convert the videos to FLV prior to importing, but that is a personal call.


          Presenter, like all Adobe products, can be used for 30 days as a trial. The trial version is fully functioning.

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            There are 3rd party browsers for iOS devices - iPad in particular that do server based streaming of Adobe Flash content.  I have used iSwifter and Rover the education version (partnership with iSwifter and Discover).  Both stream Adobe Presenter content well, including video, animations, and audio.  I don't deploy in the workplace, but have used for development, review, and proof of concept - with no problems.


            The iTunes link to Rover the free app is:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rover/id483262612?ls=1&mt=8


            Apple will not put Flash on an iOS device.  Flash can be supported on jailbroken devices, but will void the warranty and support.  Adobe has announced plans to move away from mobile Flash.  Using a server based solution may provider the interim solution you are looking for.


            In addition, take a look and see if Adobe Captivate will do what you want.  Adobe Labs has a Captivate to HTML5 converter.  It is limited, but will hopefully add more functionality in the future.  Adobe is just wrapping up a contest that was looking for HTML5 content developed with Captivate and the converter.  Watch for those demo's to post so you can see what people are coming up with.

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              gw70115 Level 1

              I am just a little confused here.  Someone implied that using Presenter 7, I will not be able to have the user be able to select if he wish to display the video clip from my power point slide.


              Is your technique just to convert the power point side into a steaming video and the user just looks ??   Or will the user be able to select the option to just look at the slide or to display the video on the action button ??


              Thank You !

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                jra_3 Level 1

                Maybe I misunderstood your post. 


                I was offering a solution that you can publish Flash content to an iPad.  Now I'm not sure what is the cart and what is the horse in your post.  Unless your video is too large, why not embed your video into your PPT presentation if you are going to use Presenter?  Presenter has an Import Video function. 


                You could embed a hyperlink into your PPT that would bring up a webpage that contains the video as well.  But if you are going to publish this somehow and want an iPad to be able to render it, you need a work around for the Presenter portion.


                And yes, this workaround will display embedded video. An iPad without a software/server workaround will not display Flash.

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                  gw70115 Level 1

                  Let me try to explain what I am trying to do.   I really appreciate your help !


                  Let me explain my requirements in power point slides:


                  1)     I have 26 power point slides, and on each slide there is a action buttion (icon) that is 85% transparent.  The user will just view each slide like a presentation show unless:


                       a)     The slide only shows a hand sketch of a drawing that summarizes a video clip.   If the person viewing the slide what to see the actual video clip himself, he would just click (touch) the action button on that side and the action button has been program to open the correct video clip.  I have defined the hyperlink on that action button during the creation of the slides. 


                       b)     Upon completion of viewing the video clip (if the user selected to view it), it would close the media player and show the power point slide they were watching before selecting the video.



                  2)     All of my slides and action buttions were created using VBA code because I have many of these to do.  I believe there is an App out there for the iPad that will allow one to place an action button manually only and it should do what I need.   The major problem is doing this by hand, and I have too many of these to do each week by hand.  I think the App is called "Presentation Link", but it must be done manually !


                  Do you have any suggestions how I can get this to be displayed on an iPad 2 with the ability of the user to select to view the video if you wants ??



                  Thank You,

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                    jra_3 Level 1



                    I think you are over complicating the linking process.  It is much more intuitive and easy, if you can place everything in PPT. 


                    You can do what you want, with PPT and with Presenter - if you use a processing tool - like I mentioned above.  I believe there are some others as well.


                    If the iPads are the only place that this content will be used - may I suggest looking at iBooks Author the new free tool that Apple released a few weeks ago.  You can author your multimedia content there - and package as an iBook and distribute to your class or business on a server (probably too large for an email).


                    For iPad distribution this is a great case of using the wrong authoring tools for the problem.  You can make the widget fit - but it is going to need a little easing with a rubber mallet.