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    Export for PDF and items disapear from the page...

    ionutpozitiv Level 1

      Hello Big Masters,


      please give me a solution to the fact that:

      • I lose some items (a text box and a graphic) at the export from Indesign to PDF.
      • -The file is 6 pages long. Simple. Some text and small pictures.
      • -The missing items are close to the right bottom of the page. It is allways on the same page. In my case on the last page.
      • -The missing item is exactly the same like some others. (it is like an object I could put on master page, but I wanted only to COPY/ PASTE IN PLACE)
      • -I tried countless solutions, but no one passed successfully. I tried to ungroup/regroup (it is an object made of letters and outlined letters), I tried to outline all of the object, I tried recopy the object, I tried to put the page in a different order (thinking that the bug always came on the last page), I closed down indesign, I tried different PDF quality options, I tried renaming and overwriting, I checked all the layers (they are all printable). NOTHING worked.


      I start worring about the quality of Indesign, that I thought being the perfect software for multipage layouts, but I experienced this bug that wasted me 2 hours. In the researches for solutions I also found out that more problems are ahead in big ePubs or when you bring old big files, with Masterpages, it seems that is a real mess what comes out.


      Do you experience these troubles with Bermuda-effect in Indesign (dissapearing items surprisingly unexpected...)???