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    Two audio issues I can't resolve

    77mrd Level 1

      Hi guys,


      1st issue: When I export to any format, my audio gets messed up by the DeNoiser effect.


           So I export my whole movie and there are certain audio files in my movie which I know have the denoiser effect applied. When I play my exported movie and it comes to those audio lines, it seems like the denoiser messes up the first few seconds of that audio clip! To be specific of what is messed up on it, it just makes the sound quality very hollow, and then after the few seconds, the effect works as it should. However, when I play back my audio with the effect in Premiere, everything is perfectly fine.


      What I've tried so far: instead of using DENOISER in Premiere, I used audition to clean up the noise in the audio. In this method, I used Dynamic Link.


      2nd issue: When I export using Encore to Blu Ray, (same project as the one in the 1st issue) the audio CLIPS! I can hear it clipping, especially the bass. So wierd! In the editor Premiere, it works perfectly fine without clipping. The 1st issue is also present in the second issue in the BluRay as well.


      What I've tried so far:  Multiple audio settings.




      Running Windows 7 with CS 5.5 production suite everything up to date.


      Any help appreciated. Thank you.