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    how to slide/move from one html file to another (not image slider)

    Rezu Level 1



      I have a set of html5 docs containing a 'quiz' question. (no tracking necessary for quiz) Example...


      This is one html5 file and it contains the .js for the range input slider and the .js for showing the answer after clicking the 'Test My Assumption' button.

      The size is 500px X 350px.


      I have 5 more questions in addition to this one.

      This question(html) is viewed within a different html page (currently via iframe); I want the user to be able to move dynamically to the next question without leaving the main page.



      If a 'next' (previous) button (or something similar) can be used to move to Question 2 of 6...etc, great. How do I set it up?

      Or is there a different way to connect these html5 files onto one page dynamically?



      I know there's a lot of good jQuery out there these days. Can anyone recommend a solid html5 CONTENT slider with the above functionality?

      Please keep in mind, I'm not looking for an image slider. The slider needs to be able to allow a user to interact with the .js.


      Please let me know if my question needs clarification.



      Much Thanks!