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    Renderer for s:Label on new .mxml


      Hello all!


      I have a one question, because I`m not a programmer, I use only tutorials for teaching Flex and programming in his.


      Is possible to make new render file for s:Label or s:Text property? Because I make a small RSS application for mobile and I have this code for showing images from description of RSS items (this code is located on DetailsView.mxml): var descArr:Array = rdesc.split("src="); var resArr:Array = descArr[1].split(".jpg"); var resArr2:Array = resArr[0].split("\""); rimage = resArr2[1] + ".jpg";


      In new renderer file I will hide html tags, because if I use this code: var p:RegExp = /(<strong>, <a...)/ig; into DetailsView, images not show because this RegExp hide all my htm tags.


      So, I need render on new .mxml document with same code of DetailsView, but in new render (if it possible) I use this RegExp for hiding html text… How I set s:Label or s:Text to show renderer from new document?


      Thanks for any help