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    TextArea and TextInput on mobile device the text disappears and works fine on desktop


      I'm developing a mobile app with a view that contains 1 Text Area, 1 Text Input and a group of 3 buttons. The app runs well in Desktop mode ( Run & Debug ), but when run in an android device ( Sony Tablet S) when the view is loaded,  the text (text property set at design or runtime)  "flashes" and disappear, if I change the device orientation of the tablet (phisically) the text draws correctly and don't disappear, even if you return to the original orientation. Also, if I pop-up a message (SkinnablePopUpContainer) in the same view, the text appears, and when I close the pop-up the text disappears again.


      Is this an identified bug ? ... is there a workaround ? ... I tried to set visible property to false and true and sometimes it works and sometimes not at random.


      Thank you for you help.