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    Exporting problem: How can I make a PAL DVD with NTSC footage?

    Shawn in Melbourne

      Hi everyone,


      I need some help as I've been trying to burn a DVD for a couple of days now but it still isn't working. Here is my situation:


      I shot a lot of standard definition DV with my Canon GL-2 (NTSC, bought in America) that I imported into the trial version of Premiere 5.5.


      I edited the footage and set out to make a DVD with the footage that will play on PAL televisions as I live in Australia now and it's all PAL over here.


      I exported the footage and put it onto Windows DVD Maker because the trial version of Premiere doesn't let you use Encore.


      The footage looked great on Premiere and on the little preview that you get through Windows DVD Maker, but when I burnt the DVD and tried playing it on my TV it looked really bad.


      The big problem was the color. Everything was much too red, particularly people's faces.


      I assume the problem lies in my export settings, and I was hoping someome who has done this before could help me out. I tried a variety of settings, but they all looked bad and I'd prefer not to waste any more money on DVDs that look like hell.


      Is there anyone out there who can tell me how I can get the DVD to look like it does on my computer? What setting would I need to apply? I have been all over the internet, looking at a lot of tutorials and forums, but havent found an answer yet.


      Thanks a bunch!




      PS- My academic credentials have now been verified by Adobe, so if you know a way to do this using Encore, please let me know because in a few hours I will have access to that as well. Cheers!

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          shooternz Level 6

          You will find that DVD players in OZ will play both NTSC and PAL (ie dual standard)


          If you really want / need a PAL version ( when you have Encore access)...simply  dynamic link to Encore and choose a PAL Preset for the DVD.


          See which gives you the best quality considering your source and project is NTSC SD.

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            Shawn in Melbourne Level 1

            Hey shooternz, thanks for the fast reply.


            My DVD player is playing the DVDs so that's OK, the real problem is that they look so bad. I just bought a whole mess of DVDs because I thought I would just experiment while I was waiting to see if anyone could help me out, and the results have been frustrating. I tried it with all PAL settings and the first DVD I made was much better. That one didnt have all of the sections, just one of the chapters (I wanted to check quickly whether the setting I had was a good one, so I just put a short 7 minute clip on). Encouraged, I tried burning the whole disc using the same settings, but it came out crappy again. Much too red. This is really frustrating me. My computer is new, so I can't see why there would be any problem with the DVD burner, but if two DVDs with the same export settings are coming out differently, I'm thinking it might have to be a problem with either the DVD burner or the DVDs?


            Can anybody suggest anything? I'm dying here.