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    How to Handling XML footnote which have attributes

    M V SHAJI Level 1

      Hi all,


      I searched in this forum related to XML footnote discussion. Still I need more clarification/discussion related to this process.

      I need maximum input and suggestion related to this topic to streamline our process.


      Our projects have around minimum 50 to 900 footnotes for each chapters, our client requirement is XML-IN workflow.


      The problem here is all our footnotes have attributes, like "url", "xref for Ibid" etc.


      <note id="law-9780199691654-note-003001" type="footnote"><p><enumerator><sup>1</sup></enumerator> Sources from the IMF, available at <url webUrl="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China#cite_note-0">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_the_People&#x00025;27s_Republic_of_China#cite_note-0</url>&gt;.</p></note>
      <note id="law-9780199691654-note-003002" type="footnote"><p><enumerator><sup>2</sup></enumerator> Detailed statistics available at the National Statistics Database developed by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, at <url webUrl=""></url>&gt;.</p></note>
      <note id="law-9780199691654-note-003004" type="footnote"><p><enumerator><sup>4</sup></enumerator> <bibItem linkType="mentioned" id="law-9780199691654-bibItem-4" class="other"><xrefGroup><xref ref="law-9780199691654-bibItem-03">Ibid</xref></xrefGroup>.</bibItem></p></note>
      <note id="law-9780199691654-note-003005" type="footnote"><p><enumerator><sup>5</sup></enumerator> <bibItem linkType="mentioned" id="law-9780199691654-bibItem-5" class="other"><xrefGroup><xref ref="law-9780199691654-bibItem-4">Ibid</xref></xrefGroup></bibItem>.</p></note>


      As we know that when we convert XML footnote to Indesign autofootnote, we will lost all the attributes.


      Till enumerator I can store it in TextStream itself "<note id="law-9780199691654-note-003001" type="footnote"><p><enumerator><sup>1</sup></enumerator>.


      Once I convert it to auto footnote, I lost rest of the attributes, when I export to XML I am just getting the text (eg. "Ibid")

      Please share your thoughts/suggestion (how can we store the attributes let it be in any form).




      If I change my workflow to 2 text stream process.


      Two text frames, one for Text and the other for Footnote. can we automate the process.



      Thanks in advance.