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    NativeWindow is always null in ActionScript Mobile Project launched from desktop


      I'm I can't access object NativeWindow in a "ActionScript Mobile Project", no matter what I do stage.nativeWindow is always null when I test with debug configuration launch on desktop. If I create a new NativeWindow then it's the stage property that is null, so I can't find a way to set the NativeWindow size. Oddly enough accessing stage.NativeWindow works when deploying on blackberry playbook but not when debugging configuration Launch Method on desktop.


      You can reproduce it by creating a new "ActionScript Mobile Project" and putting this line in the constructor:

      this.stage.nativeWindow.width = 640;


      You will get error null object reference on NativeWindow:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.


      Same error if you try to access NativeWindow after window has loaded.


      This is an absolute deal braker for me because it is impossible to know what the application will look like on iPhone/iPad.