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    Adobe Premier Elements 10. Burning Issues!!


      I am curently using PE trial. I have edited AVCHD footage from my Panasonic HD video camera using Sony Vegas and used Sony Vegas to render to m2t with a view to burning using PE. The file size is 8GB. I have selected in PE Share: AVCHD. Pal Widescreen. Fit content. At 99% the burning process stops and a message tells me about Chapter Overflow and the burning process ceases.


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem please?


      Secondly, frustrated by this, I tried to burn the same video rendered via Nero recode to mp4. The file size is just over 3GB. This burned to disk fine until it reached 99% before returing to 95% and then completing the burn. At 35 minutes of the 49 minute video the picture began to stick jump stick several times before sticking on one frame.


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem please?


      I have used Sony Vegas as an editing programme because Pinnacle, who I have been using for years, inform me that for some reason Pinnacle HD does not work with Dell computers.


      I had always used Nero for burning edited video until I downloaded Nero 10 HD free trial havingchanged my camera from SD to HD. When the trial ended some information debris was left behind in my computer and despite attempts to get info from Nero on how to get rid of it ie Nero Clean, it still remains there. I purchased Nero 11 last week and that will not burn either for the same reason. Internet forums indicate that Adobe was the best option to go for, hence using the trial version of PE 10. Now this.


      Help welcome.


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          nealeh Level 5

          If your Nero installation included the Nero InCD component get rid of it. It, and those of it's competitors (eg Roxio DLA), are well known to cause PRE write errors.


          Did you place a Stop marker at the end of your timeline? If so remove it. The end of the timeline is automatically treated as a stop marker and adding one there can cause burn failure.


          Try the Burn to Folder option for your project. Does that work?


          If all you are trying to do is to use the PRE burning engine without any authoring  you should give the completely free ImgBurn a try - it's pretty much the standard tool a lot of us use.


          If though you want to use PRE to create your movie and then author it some more information would be helpful, especially concerning the camera, its shooting mode, how you got it into PRE, details of your computer and drivers ...


          The following will help:


          Got a Problem? How to Get Started





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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, there are so many variables in the process you're describing that you're not really comparing apples to apples by any means.


            There is no one way to create an AVCHD -- and an AVC file can have so many levels of compression and bit rate. So it's impossible to give a simple answer to why one program creates a 3 gig file and another program creates an 8 gig. It's because they're not the same file specs!


            What are you burning your file to? What do you plan to use it for? What bit rate and compression rate are you using? Premiere Elements has over two dozen ways to output an H.264 video file.


            You also don't say much about your computer specs, including what operating system you're using, if you are burning your outputs to your C drive or to a second drive, if all of your drives are formatted NTFS or if you regularly clear off junk files and defragment with a program like Advanced System Care Free. http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.html


            In fact, you haven't even told us about your source video (It's not 60p hi-def, is it?) or what settings you selected when you set up your Premiere Elements project.


            This program will work and it will work well on a well-tuned system if you've got your project set up right and you're using optimized source footage.