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    How to connect to a database using flex

      How can i connect to the database in flex.
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          JKohn99 Level 1
          The quick answer is you can't. So you need to build a data access layer
          in the server technology of your choice. Java/Hibernate etc.

          Now you need to decide how you want flex to talk to your data layer.
          - Create a web service layer
          - use a servlet via httprequest
          - use Flex Data Services or BlazeDS
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            Daniel Pride Level 1
            I need to construct a working database which must be on line in seven weeks. I have been working with older software technologies and much of this is new. The database required is simple enter and retrieve data. I have started to construct it in mamp and flex. I would prefer blazeds response times but am wary of the overhead to get the job out on time. it has to be on time. Could you give me an idea of the learning curve of blazeds options verses a simple php interface (already on top of that one sort of, it was pretty easy stuff).
            Dan pride