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    "About" Box, Robohelp 8, and Internet Explorer


      I am having an issue with the About box in our custom-built skin and (seemingly) all versions of Internet Explorer.  I have an About box configured that contains information such as our company name, copyrights, and a link to my email for questions.  Since we have several different versions of our online help, we decided to add the current help version to the box.  Unfortunately, one of our employees who uses IE 9 attempted to click on the About box and discovered that it was not there in the navigation bar. We use a graphic as the link, and the graphic was not beside the Search bar as it is in other browsers.   I use Firefox currently, but I know it used to show up in Internet Explorer.  We checked on my version (IE 7), and it was missing from there also.  I checked the Properties screen in WebHelp to ensure that the correct skin was configured and that I had Add About Box checked, and everything seemed to be fine.  The crazy thing is that I know the About box used to show up in IE 6 and when I first got IE 7. We really need to resolve this because most of our clients still have Internet Explorer.  While it is not as critical as some of the other Help, the About box still performs a service and is the most appropriate place to add the current Help version. 


      Has anyone else had this problem with RoboHelp 8's About box and Internet Explorer?  Does anyone know a method for making it show up in Internet Explorer (any version will do)?  When I tested it, I had the pop-up blocker turned off to eliminate that as a cause, but that would not explain the graphic appearing either. 


      Thank you,


      Leigh Steele

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I'm wondering if rather than the IE version, it is more about upgrading to RoboHelp 8. Do you keep copies of the old help outputs in a way that you can tell which version of RoboHelp created them? I'm hoping that you can open a RoboHelp 6 or 7 produced output and see how that works.


          Also you refer to a custom-built skin. Do you mean a supplied skin that you customised or you truly created you own skin somehow? Have you tried using a supplied skin to see if you still have the problem then?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            LeighSteele Level 1

            Thank you so much for your input.  While experimenting with one of the "prepackaged" skins, I hit upon the problem.  The logo that we were using as the About button image was a  .GIF logo.  Just for fun, I replaced it with the .JPG version of the same graphic and regenerated the Help with the Animated Globe skin.  It appeared in both IE and Firefox with no issues.  I then added the .JPG as the About button image to our custom skin (which is a modified versioni of one of the other prepackaged skins, BTW) and it showed up in IE 7 with no issues.  I've republished the help file and am going to get my IE 8 and 9 users to test it, but I think this might be solved.

            Thanks again for your help and patience!!!