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    Error #0: An asset failed to load [url] on connection interruption

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      I have scoured the internet and find it shocking that no ones has brought this up. Sometimes, when you close your browser or migrate away from a flash swf that loading assets, this error is thrown. I track these errors in my swf application and currently it's impossible to tell weather that error is due to a missing file or whether or not it simply is someone nagivating away from the page. Can anyone from Adobe advise me on how best to handle this? Ideally I'd like to detect a connection interruption, and not throw the error in the first place. There isn't even anything in the Adobe documentation about Error #0.





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          I've been facing a similar problem. I've been trying to connect to this one website, which requires Adobe Flash Player. In the start, it says "Connecting to server..." and stays like that for a while. However, after about half a minute this message shows up: "Connection failed. Error #0"


          I was wondering if you found a solution to the Error #0, since it's been long since you've posted this on here. Please help me, if possible.