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    Air 3.0 64bit and Windows

    NHBS Prod





      I'm currently using Flash Builder 4.0 on a project that handles a large amount of images at once. Even after upgrading to Air 3.0 recently, the program will start to act weird and eventually hang after reaching about 1.3 GB of memory usage. I think I've pinpointed it down to when creating BitmapData during this high memory usage. When the program stops responding, I don't get any errors and the console only shows [SWF Unloaded]. This problem is only happening on Windows.  Right now when I export an air installer, even on Windows 7 x64, my program only runs as a 32bit application. If I upgrade to Flash Builder 4.6 will I be able to export an air file that will run as a 64bit application? Or should FB 4.0 be able to export a 64bit installer and I just have something setup incorrectly?