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    Can I get my InDesign work to the web or to Dreamweaver?

    Cliff Poe

      I am helping a production company with their web sites.  At present, a staff member there has created hundreds of pages for print in InDesign.  He also went so far as to create how they want the web sites to look and he did all of his work in InDesign.  Now, we need to get all of that InDesign work to the web, hopefully without having to create it all again in Dreamweaver.


      So, how can I get all of these hundreds of pages that are already done in ID, over to DW without having to recreate them all?


      In ID, I DO NOT SEE an export to Dreamweaver like so many forums state.


      Also, I do not see a PACKAGE --- Export feature as I saw on another post.  So, I must be missing something.  I'm working in CS5 Design Premium.


      We tried copy and paste and we tried export (that got us the text but nothing else) and we've tried everything else we can think of.


      Any ideas?  I know lots of people have to have tons of stuff in ID that needs to go to the web after the fact.


      A little help here...